Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have collected a number of the most frequently asked questions for Digital Servicebook. Find answers below.

  • You save time – up to 5-8 minutes per service.
  • Your customers get access to data about their car and can be called back for service, inspections and repairs automatically via SMS from you.
  • Option to meet the requirements for factory warranty.
  • Prevent cheating with e.g. odometer or frame number (cloning) – see. eg. this car: C10TYD.
  • Ability to search OE data and obtain previous history from the manufacturer.
  • Only one service book for all cars
  • Yes, all car manufacturers offer the same right of complaint as long as correct registration of service has been carried out. This registration can be made in Digital Servicebook for all car brands.

The following brands use electronic service books and digital records today:

  • No, Digital Servicebook meets the requirements for an original servicebook, and more.
  • Since it is the car owner’s responsibility to have the right documentation, e.g. stamp and invoice for work and new spare parts, the car owner will always have to have more documentation than it is possible to have in the original service book.
  • With Digital Servicebook, all data and documentation can be attached and made digitally available to the customer and the workshop.
  • Yes, the car’s owner gets direct access to data from the workshop that carries out service or repairs through our platform.


  • It is the car’s owner who must document the correct service inspection, both for warranty cases and for sale.


  • Digital Servicebook gives the car’s owner the opportunity to collect all documentation in one place – available digitally.
  • Yes, all OE workshops can access the car’s data and documentation in Digital Servicebook.
  • The old paper service book is made digital by uploading images of the contents to Digital Servicebook.
  • This can be done by both the workshop and the customer themselves, and future services are added digitally.
  • See e.g.this car: BY92196
  • Some car brands still use paper service books. This includes:
  • It takes less than 1 minute.


  • Can be done manually via website or mobile app.


  • Can be done with one click in the most available customer management systems – see which systems Digital Servicebook can be integrated into here:
  • All countries worldwide. As the Digital Servicebook is built on the VIN number system, all cars from around the world can be added.
  • To date, we have not had a single warranty case that has been rejected. If a brand workshop or an importer asks questions about service or rejects a warranty case, then our support can take over the dialogue. Contact our support at


  • If you are an OE PRO customer, you will also be covered by Digital Servicebook’s legal assistance, where we handle warranty cases that have ended in dispute.