See why other garages use Digital Servicebook

Digital Servicebook has grown from a good idea to a recognised brand in several countries. Here, you can meet a few of the garages that are well underway with Digital Servicebook.

Full control of the warranties in the UK

Watch Andrew from Todmorden MOT talk about why their customers love Digital Servicebook.

Maribo Bilcenter har længe benyttet Digital Servicebook

Everything runs automatically

Join us as we visit Maribo Bilcenter and hear more about how they use the Digital Servicebook.

Easy start for Kvernstad and Sandem A/S

Learn more about the time they now save, and the peace of mind that comes from always being on top of things.

Spend a little, gain a lot

Without Digital Servicebook, it can take around 5-10 minutes to stamp a car. If you have 8 services a day that adds up to over an hour, which then adds up to over 20 hours a month! Try our price calculator and see how quickly your subscription fee starts working for you.