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Digital Servicebook is an open software platform that is easy, simple and straightforward. As a workshop, you can save time, ensure full transparency of service, repairs and warranties, while keeping your customers firmly in place.

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Digital Servicebook has a lot to offer, for workshops and car owners alike. Look up service history on a used car or register all the family’s cars – for free!

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For car owners

Digital Servicebook offers many benifits for car owners. Register your car and find a trusted workshop

A platform with valuable features

The Digital Servicebook can be integrated directly into most workshop systems and has been developed with several smart features for workshops that make everyday life easier – for those that work on the car and for those that own it.

Saves time - every day

With Digital Servicebook, you save time every time a service is performed. The solution is integrated directly into the workshop's customer management system and transfers the service history to the service book with 1 click.

Maintain the manufacturer's warranty

With Digital Servicebook, it is the workshop and car owners who have all the important data – it is no longer hidden in the manufacturers' OE systems. So you can give customers the peace of mind that they have a full warranty.

Provides satisfied customers

With Digital Servicebook, it is easy to attach invoice and check schedule for your customers. With the help of our SMS Service, you can automatically recall your customer's car for the next service.

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From idea to recognized brand

Digital Servicebook started as a good idea in 2015 – We are now the automotive industry’s preferred tool in Scandinavia. We are working hard to grow the English market and expand to the rest of Europe.

Today we are much more than just a service book.

We have standardized service registration, in one system, rather than one for each car brand. We ensure that the documentation is present in connection with warranty cases. Increases insight when selling and buying cars. It also makes the car dealer’s everyday life easier both in the workshop and in the sales department.

In addition, our app gives the car owner access to the full service history and the option to book upcoming service, as well as service reminders. We therefore help with improved communication between customer and workshop, as well as to retain your customers.

More than


More than

Services registered

Access to additional

1000000 +
Services in the EU only

What our customers say

"With this system we can stamp any car brand to document our work, that makes our work easier and let us help many more customers"


Andrew, Todmorden M.O.T. Centre

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See how much time you can save with Digital Servicebook. It only takes 1 minute.

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This calculation compares OEM and Digital Servicebook registration times with an average registration time of 8 minutes.

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