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With a subscription to Digital Servicebook, you get access to a large number of features that can make everyday life in the workshop easier and make
it possible to give your customers an even better service





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Without the Digital Servicebook, registering a service can easily take 15 minutes. If you have eight services a day, it adds up to two hours! Try our price calculator and see how quickly your subscription is paid for.

“With this system we can stamp any car brand and document our work, that makes our work easier and let us help many more customers.”


Savings per month with integration to Garage Management System


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Savings per month without integration to Garage Management System


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This calculator compares the OEM and Digital Servicebook registration times with the average garage’s registration time being 8 minutes.


“We help when the workshops call. A subscription to Digital Servicebook gives direct access to our support and help for everything related to the systems. We look into it all and are ready to help”

Maria Alti

Customer Support, Digital Servicebook