Digitale Servicebook in your pocket and on the go

App for workshops and car owners

The Digital Servicebook app can be used by both workshops and car owners. It can be used for all car brands and makes service registration digital in an easy and efficient way. Thus, the service history is available to everyone – not least the car owners. Read more and download the app here!

Digital Servicebook - tjek nummerplade og servicehistorik

Save time registering service

A helping hand for workshops

With our app, registration of service is made user-friendly, time-saving and efficient – and you only need to register in one place to comply with laws and regulations for valid documentation of service. There is therefore no need to also register in the paper service book or in OE service portals.

The app can be used by all workshops that have purchased access to the Digital Servicebook. If you are not already a customer, you can see Prices or sign up for a free 30-day trial.

All the family's cars in one digital service book

Smart app for car owners

Digital Servicebook gives car owners full insight into service and repair history, regardless of where the work was carried out. It gives you better insight into whether the work is carried out and documented correctly, which ensures fewer problems and the longest possible lifespan of your car.

Know the car's service history

Resale security

With Digital Servicebook, you can easily look up the number plate or VIN number and find all information about a car. It is relevant for workshops related to troubleshooting and repairs, but also to create security for car owners in terms of buying or selling used cars.

Available on all device for free

Download our app today

Digital Servicebook, which can be used for all car brands, is of course also available as an app, and you can download it where you normally download your apps. Regardless of whether you are a workshop or a car owner, it is easy to get started – and otherwise our support team is of course ready to help!

Servicehistorik app - digital servicebog