Audi service book - Do you keep track of the service history?

It is recommended that you regularly have service carried out and registered on Audi cars in a service book, so that you can maintain the car’s warranty. However, if both mechanic and car owner should be able to access the service history it does matter which solution is used. Did you know that there are solutions other than the Audi service book? Find out more about the different solutions here.

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What are the requirements for servicing an Audi?

Like all other cars, Audis must be regularly serviced. They typically follow the manufacturer’s instructions based on the number of kilometers driven since the last service – typically every 15,000 or 30,000 km depending on your Audi service regime. Alternatively, the car is called in for service based on an annual interval of typically every or every other year, if the car is not driven that much. Since 2017, the myAudi app has been available for Audis produced since mid-2014. MyAudi informs the car owner about the need for service. 

It is important that the recommendations regarding Audi service are followed, as this ensures that the car remains safe to drive. During a service inspection, a mechanic can spot any problems before they occur or cause further damage, as well as provide insight into any future repairs, that may be necessary. Regular service on Audi makes sure you get the most out of the German engineering and also contributes to the car driving more economically by reducing fuel consumption, as the oil lubricates more optimally or ensures that the brakes do not seize.

As a car owner you are free to decide for yourself where to have your Audi serviced. However, you must be aware of which spare parts, oil etc. used in connection with service, as the warranty on the car with certain car brands is void if original/OE-approved spare parts are not used.

How does registering service on an Audi take place?

In the past, registration of service on Audi took place with a stamp in the paper service book, but Audi has long since moved away from this as they have launched their own electronic service record. This eradicates some of the problems that previously arose if the service book was forgotten at home or had been lost, which meant that the service history was often incomplete. Of course, the car owner still receives an invoice after the service has been carried out, but very few people save these, and they can therefore rarely be used to get an overview of the service history.

Today, workshops – both Audi’s own, but also independent workshops – can register service on Audi in an online service book. However, it is not a requirement that you use Audi’s own digital service book for registering service on Audi cars, although many workshops and car owners have mistakenly gotten the impression that this is a necessity if the warranty is to be maintained.

As with all other cars, registration of service on Audi is a requirement if you want the warranty to be maintained. If you end up in a warranty case, you as a car owner must be able to document that service intervals have been observed and that service has been carried out in accordance with the regulations with approved spare parts, oil etc.

Audi's digital service book

Audi launched their “Digital Service Schedule” in 2012, which marked the transition from paper service books to a digital service book for Audi. Since then, the recommendation from Audi’s side has been that service performed was registered in this, although as mentioned it is not a requirement.

Data about the maintenance and service of Audi cars is stored centrally on Audi’s server and copied from there to the car. This enables the display of service history in the digital service book for the Audi, which is integrated into Audi’s connect system in the car.

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service history

Audi service history

As previously mentioned, it is good to be able to document a Audi’s service history if you end up in the midst of a warranty case. However, there are several other relevant reasons why you should keep track of your Audi service history. If you are employed at a workshop, it can be advantageous to know a car’s service history, so that you know what work has previously been carried out in relation to service and any repairs. This gives you the best conditions for providing the right service to the customer as well as troubleshooting and diagnosing the car when you, for example, know which of the car’s parts have previously been replaced or which could face replacement.

If you are an Audi owner or are planning to buy a used Audi, a complete Audi service record can help ensure that the car is traded for the right price, as it provides greater assurance that the car is well maintained and that there are no has fiddled with the trip counter to give the car an artificially low mileage.

Audi service book vs. Digital Servicebook

However, there are also other valid options for registering service on Audi, which are easier and more accessible to both workshops and car owners. Digital Servicebook is a Danish-developed software platform that makes the old paper service books and other digital service books redundant. With Digital Servicebook, the service history for Audi (and all other car brands) is gathered in one platform, one single solution.

Digital Servicebook is recommended by e.g. Danish Automotive Council and is used today by more than 2,000 workshops across the Nordic region.

For car owners

No more having to remember the paper service book when it’s time for service or the hassle of saving old invoices to keep some sort of overview. Digital Servicebook is always close at hand and available both on PC and in a mobile app. In addition, previous services from other digital or paper service books or old invoices can be added to the service history, so that it is collected in one place for all the car owner’s cars.

Pros for car owners:

For workshops

Mechanics can also benefit from using the Digital Servicebook. There is a lot of time saved by registering service in the Digital Servicebook compared to the car manufacturers’ electronic service books. Digital Servicebook has integration with a wide range of workshop systems, making it easy to transfer service data from the invoice to Digital Servicebook.

Pros for workshops:

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