Digital-Servicebook and Keyloop Forge Powerful Partnership 

Exciting advancements are unfolding in the automotive industry! 

Digital-Servicebook and Keyloop have joined forces in a strategic partnership set to revolutionize daily operations for car dealerships using Keyloop’s systems across Europe. This collaboration will greatly benefit car salespeople, mechanics, and car owners alike. 

What Does the Partnership Mean for Your Workshop? 

Digital-Servicebook, a platform dedicated to tracking a car’s service history, eliminates the hassle of paperwork by allowing you to register everything online. You can easily access service records, repairs, upcoming maintenance, recall information, and schedule services like oil changes. Service data for most brands can also be uploaded to the OEM DSR seamlessly. 

For car dealerships, Digital-Servicebook offers a crucial tool to connect with car owners via a dedicated app. This closed environment fosters a direct, uninterrupted relationship between dealerships and their customers. 


Keyloop, a leader in automotive management software, provides cutting-edge technological solutions favored by large chains and authorized workshops. Keyloop’s software streamlines the management of data across various suppliers, handling everything from sales to servicing with ease. 

What the Partnership Means for You 

The integration of Digital-Servicebook and Keyloop makes operations smarter and more efficient. Data can now automatically transfer between platforms, reducing administrative burdens and errors while boosting efficiency. 

Kim Koch, CEO of Digital-Servicebook, remarks, “The collaboration between Keyloop and Digital-Servicebook brings us even closer to accessing comprehensive car data across Europe, and beyond. This partnership is a significant step in our rapid evolution, expanding our reach to new customers.” 

Through this agreement, Digital-Servicebook can now integrate with Dracar+, Autoline Rev8, and Drive workshop systems in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, England, and Ireland. 

Benefits for Your Workshop 

  • Time Saving: Quickly access a car’s complete service history directly from the system, simplifying diagnostics and repairs. 
  • Less Paperwork: All records are digital, eliminating the need for physical documents. 
  • Better Customer Service: Car owners can view their vehicle’s service history online, enhancing their confidence in the service provided. 
  • Increased Efficiency: Transparent records prevent blind spots when receiving new customers or purchasing unfamiliar cars. 

The Future Looks Bright

This partnership marks just the beginning. Digital-Servicebook will continue to innovate, developing new solutions to make your work more efficient and transparent. This will ensure you can always track a car’s history when receiving new customers or purchasing cars. 

Kim Koch adds, “Our goal is to enhance everyday life for both you and your customers. In a time where precision and efficiency are paramount, this partnership is a monumental step forward. It exemplifies how technology can enable us to work smarter and more efficiently in the automotive industry.” 

Do you have any questions?

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