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An advantage for car owners

Digital Servicebook is an easy alternative for you as a car owner, who through our platform and mobile app, get access to a number of benefits that make life as a car owner easier – completely free.

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All the family's cars in one service book

Add any car brand

Digital Servicebook provides full insight into service and repair history, regardless of where the work is done. It gives you better insight that the work is carried out and documented correctly, which ensures you as a car owner fewer problems and the longest possible lifetime of your car.

Complete service book and car history

Peace of mind when reselling

Digital Servicebook provides a number of tools for you as a car owner, so you have peace of mind whether you sell or buy a used car. Look up the license plate or chassis number and find all information about the car.

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Valid stamp for all car brands

Keep the factory warranty

All information about the vehicle is stored digitally and is protected from manipulation. With Digital Servicebook, mileage fraud is prevented, the value of the vehicle is maintained during resale and all service inspections can be documented according to the car manufacturers’ warranty rules.

Find a trusted workshop

Your car is a matter of trust

A Trusted Provider is a workshop that collaborates with Digital Servicebook. The workshop is committed to protecting the service history of vehicles through proper documentation according to the requirements of car manufacturers.

As a Trusted Provider, the workshop can call you in for service via SMS and send you digital copies of the workshop bill so that you have your vehicle’s history available via Digital Servicebook – always.

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Available on all devices - for free

Register your car easily

We are Europe’s no. 1 digital service book for all car brands – with more than 100,000 car owners across our platforms. You can also register your car via your browser or our mobile app. Create your car directly here. Click on one of the logos below for the access that suits your device best.