Power of attorney

The workshop (principal) hereby grants power of attorney to Digital-Servicebook.com ApS. DK-36726350, vordingborvej 79, 4700 Næstved, Denmark, to register service records on the manufacturers service portals with the same legal effect as if the submission had been made by the workshop themselves.

– Digital-Servicebook.com ApS is permitted:

– to make any necessary statements in relation to the registration to the car manufacturers’ service portals. Correspondingly, messages from the car manufacturers’ service portals with legal effect can be sent to Digital-Servicebook.com ApS.

– to create, save, maintain and use the workshops user account, including username and password for the car manufacturers service portals in relation to the registration of the performed services.

– By my accession to this document, I grant Digital Servicebook ApS power of attorney on my behalf to create accounts with all existing and future car manufacturers for the purpose of accessing these for the registration of services. This applies to all portals where uploading is possible. – We are aware that Digital Servicebook ApS in this regard will register us with our name, address, etc., but with an email address under the Digital Servicebook’s auspices, so that Digital Servicebook maintains the registration on the portals and ensures the necessary registration of service.