About Digital Servicebook

If you are curious about Digital Servicebook, you can read more about our history and mission here.

How did it all begin?

Digital Servicebook was started in 2015 by Kim Koch and Jens Pedersen, who both have many years of experience in the automotive industry. They would strengthen the right of the independent workshops to service and maintain the factory warranty for all car brands. In addition – and perhaps even more importantly for you as a car owner – they would fight for car owners’ rights and access to their own car data. This was not a foregone conclusion back then…

"Digital Servicebook is at the forefront of ensuring a higher industry standard and full transparency regarding service history and car data. We believe that car owners have a right to their own data and should be able to freely choose where this is used. With our platform, we want to make service history available to everyone - car owners as well as workshops."
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Kim Koch

Where are we now?

Today, Digital Servicebook is a recognized name in the industry, and more and more car owners (and workshops) are seeing the benefits of using our product. Easier access to car data and service history in our app ensures that you and other car owners are better off in the event of warranty claims, as there is full documentation of service performed. Should doubts arise about the warranty, Digital Servicebook assists the workshop and car owner in the case against the manufacturer. And as an added plus, a full service book also gives a higher value when it comes to reselling the car.

In addition, Digital Servicebook helps to reduce mileage cheating, where the odometer is adjusted so that it looks as if a car has driven less than it actually has and can therefore be sold at a higher price. It is a very widespread problem in the industry, where huge amounts of millions are defrauded every year.

Quick facts about Digital Servicebook

Our app and software platform is used today across the Nordic region – the goal is to become the most used solution for registering services worldwide.

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What does the future hold?

We are constantly working to make everyday life easier for you as a car owner. We want to be at the forefront of both the technological development and the development in the industry, so that we can give you the best guidance and the best tools.