Terms & conditions for car repair shops / dealers


The following terms and conditions are applicable on Digital-servicebook.com.

By accepting the present conditions, you as a workshop/dealer consent to the fact that these conditions in force at that time are valid and regulate the relationship between you and the Digital Service Book in any context and the use of the benefits from the Digital Service Book.

Digital Service Book is a free reference work, where you can check outstanding debt, see mileage information, vehicle inspection data etc. and as a registered user/vehicle owner at Digital-servicebook.com you can upload a photo of the vehicle, upload a photo of the service records and choose workshop * and thereby get notifications about planned service tasks etc.

*If the chosen workshop uses the Digital Service Book, you will receive all information about future service tasks directly on your mobile phone.

Digital Service Book is free to use for all vehicle owners and you can add up to five cars to your user profile – it is possible to buy an extended version.

All vehicles with a valid number plate can use and be added to Digital Service Book.

Workshops/dealers that use the Digital Service Book can enter data about performed or planned service tasks and the customer will be informed through the Digital Service Book and will receive reminders to visit their workshop.

The Digital Service Book is a digital registration of both performed and coming services combined with a recall system.

Workshop/Dealer account

In order to be able to use the services from the Digital Service Book, workshops/dealers are required to create an account and pay for access and data has to be updated and correct.

It is the workshop’s/dealer’s full responsibility to keep all information correct and updated. It is the workshop’s/dealer’s responsibility to protect the password, which is issued, against abuse. If a workshop/dealer finds out that the password has been revealed, the password has to be changed immediately.

Registration is allowed, when a workshop/dealer either is a company, which is directly or indirectly involved in reparation or maintenance of motor vehicles and/or trailers, wholesale or retail trade with vehicles and/or trailers, specialist workshop, road assistance service, vehicle inspection and/or undercoating company. For companies with multiple locations (branches, offices, trading units etc.) each department has to be registered separately. The same goes for companies with associated companies.

Anonymous data collection
You can visit the webpages at Digital-servicebook.com and use them as a reference work without leaving your personal information. We only register your Internet provider (your IP address) the pages or website, the date, time and the pages you visit, when you visit Digital Service Book’s webpages. This information is analysed for statistical purposes, but as an individual you remain anonymous.

Collection, use and communication of personal data

As registered workshop/dealer at digital-servicebook.com, we need your company data such as name, phone number, e mail, VAT number etc. The Digital Service Book uses these data to register your company in the Digital Service Book and gives your company the right to use and fill in data about fulfilled and coming service tasks on vehicles.

Car owners/users, who have registered their vehicle and who are connected to your workshop will receive information on planned service tasks based on the entered data from your company together with information on campaigns, offers and important information from the Digital Service Book.

The Digital Service Book uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file which is stored at your hard disk. This text file is created by the web server, where you have built a link through your web browser and is afterwards sent to you. You will be recognized by this cookie when revisiting the website or the specific page, which means that you don’t have to re-enter data which you have already specified. Most browsers are set up to approve cookies automatically, but you can at any time choose to set up your browser to reject cookies and show the cookie to you before approval. You can also delete cookies from your computer.

Right of opposition

You can at any time protest against the use of your workshop/dealer data. Send your opposition to info@digitalservicebog.dk and we will block the access to your data. Furthermore, in certain circumstances you have the right to get your registered data amended blocked or deleted. You have at any time the right to know, which data the Digital Service Book has registered about your company and the purpose of the registration.
This means however that the vehicle owners, who are connected to your workshop/dealer company with their vehicle will not receive recalls, service information etc. for their vehicle.

Data concerning car service and the service records will however stay registered at Digital-servicebook.com, as this kind of information may serve as documentation in case of a warranty claim etc.

Access to Digital Service Book (payment)

Digital Service Book offers all workshops/dealers access to information and to the use of Digital Service Book and the services that Digital Service Book offers.

Prices: Referring to our site: Prices & Price Calculator – Digital Servicebook (digital-servicebook.com), prices will be due to indexation on an annual basis.

  • All agreements are extended by 12 months at expiration date and can always be terminated, when the agreement determines – we will notice you before a new period starts.
  • An invoice will be issued and when it is registered as paid, access to Digital-servicebook.com will be granted.


Rights to the Digital Service Book

The Digital Service Book contains both data and information and registered workshops/dealers may use and download the information, which they can find in the Digital Service Book for their own personal use. Use or abuse of information for other purposes, reproduction, changes or including it in publications or at other webpages is only allowed with a prior written approval from the Digital Service Book. The same goes for any redistribution or forwarding of content from the Digital Service book.

Unauthorized use of the Digital Service Book and forwarding of information from Digital Service Book can result in demand for penalty from the Digital Service Book towards the workshop/dealer.

Content and information from the Digital Service Book can be subject to copyright. Digital Service Book is a registered trademark and such rights (especially name and trademark rights) without any exception, is Digital Service Book’s property.


Responsibility for content

The workshop/dealer has full responsibility for the fact that the data, which they enter into Digital Service Book, is correct. The workshop/dealer agrees to fully compensating Digital Service Book in connection with demands from third party, which are based on content and data, which has been entered by the workshop/dealer.

The Digital Service Book is not responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information and content from third party, which is delivered via the Digital Service Book. Digital Service Book will not carry out any control of the information, which one can get access to or will be opened through the Digital Service Book, when these are not information from the Digital Service Book.

Even though the Digital Service Book continuously works to keep the Digital Service Book free of virus, we cannot guarantee that the platform is free of virus or assume any responsibility in this connection. Before the workshop/dealer can get data or documentation, they need to carry out reasonable security precautions and use appropriate virus programs for their own protection and in order to prevent that Digital Service Book will be infected with virus.

The data and information at digital-servicebook.com is collected by Digital Service Book in good faith, but the accuracy of the data cannot be guaranteed. Digital Service Book will not guarantee that the data and information present in the Digital Service Book, is complete and accurate.

Digital Service Book may contain links or references to/from third party web pages. Digital Service Book assumes no responsibility for the content from such webpages and will not use the webpages and/or the content as their own content as Digital Service Book has no influence on the content and the information, which can be gained access to via these links and will not on a regular basis check there.

Thereby the Digital Service Book cannot be held responsible for the quality, the accuracy and/or the completeness of thirds party information and their information is clearly marked as third party information on this webpage. This is expressly for all information and content, which is delivered by workshop/dealer to the Digital Service Book.
Digital Service Book assumes no responsibility for loses or damages, which are caused directly or indirectly by the use of data, which is collected and used by the workshop/dealer from the Digital Service Book at the workshop/dealer’s own system.

Any use of any services, which the Digital Service Book offers, it at the workshop’s/dealer’s own responsibility and risk. Digital Service Book assumes no responsibility for the content and/or the data, which is transmitted to and from the workshop/dealer through the Internet, including the reliability, the legality and correctness etc.

The Digital Service Book assumes thereby no responsibility for loses, direct or indirect violations or other conditions, which may occur as a consequence of the use of information transmitted via the Internet through the Digital Service Book’s services.

Digital Service Book disclaims any responsibility and loss, which a workshop/dealer may suffer in connection with the use of the Digital Service Book.

The Digital Service Book is not responsible for unauthorized access to workshop/dealer’s data or systems – or damage or loss of data in this connection. The Digital Service Book disclaims any responsibility for direct or indirect loss of data, damage on data and restoration of data no matter the cause.

Furthermore, the Digital Service Book cannot be held liable. In case there is made attempt to keep the Digital Service Book liable, the Digital Service Book’s responsibility will be limited to the workshop/dealer’s total expenses for the services, which the Digital Service Book offers.

Every disclaimer in these conditions is at any time and in any aspect valid unless the Digital Service Book has acted with gross negligence or intentionally to harm the users.

Digital Service Book assumes or accepts no responsibility for losses and damages, which may occur as a consequence of abuse of passwords.

The Digital Service Book doesn’t guarantee that the Digital Service Book will be accessible and work without any problems at all time. In particular if the access to Digital Service Book is influenced by problems which are without Digital Service Book’s control. Digital Service Book will do our outmost to solve the access problems immediately to the content that it is technically and operationally possible.


Responsibility for GDPR towards customer/car owner

It is the workshop’s responsibility to obtain the customer’s/car owner’s consent for them to be registered in the Digital Service Book with name and contact information, and the customer must be made aware of the GDPR rights, which can be found on the Digital Service Book’s website or via the link that comes with the SMS



The following will cause a warning followed by suspension:

  • Copyright infringement: Direct infringement of the copyright, which is defined in the “Notice of Copyright Law”
  • Threats and harassment: The services from Digital Service Book may never be used for threats or harassment of individuals, organizations or companies.
  • Violently offensive content: Content which is considered very offensive or extreme will result in a warning.
  • Illegal use: Any use of services in direct attempts to perform illegal activities, will be considered as abuse



Any deliberate abuse of the Digital Service Book’s services, homepage or systems will cause immediate termination, exclusion and in extreme causes complaint to the police.
The Digital Service Book does not distinguish between abuse and attempt of abuse.

Abuse included the following (but is not limited to):

  • Hacking of the Digital Service Book’s or our customers’ homepages, systems or services.
  • Exploitation of errors or any security vulnerability
  • Conscious and deliberate overuse or overload of the Digital Service Book, customers’ services, webpages or systems.
  • Inexpedient overload of the Digital Service Book’s support services
  • Exploitation of Digital Service Book’s conditions, policies or similar for personal gain.
  • Use/abuse of Digital Service Book’s services for illegal activities
  • In case of abuse, the Digital Service Book will determine if the case was deliberate or not.



Suspension may occur, when the following conditions are met:

  • Setting up of vehicle without user/ownership (you will receive a notice of abuse)
  • Setting up and upload of a wrong photo of the vehicle and service records
  • Abuse of the Digital Service Book.
  • Digital Service Book reserves the right to suspend or to repeal services, which contain material that might damage the Digital Service Book, the Digital Service Book’s reputation or our business.



The Digital Service Book reserves the right to change the conditions without prior warning.
Changes, which may have influence on personal data, will be communicated to the users and will need approval, when the user logs in to the system again.

The Digital Service Book reserves the right to exclude persons, who Digital Service Book considers as unpleasant, unfriendly or threatening. In extreme cases Digital Service Book will cancel the person’s active services and exclude the person from future services from Digital Service Book.

Subject to writing, spelling and typing errors. Digital Service Book reserves the right to change any errors in the conditions without prior notification.



*This page is in English, to create a set of GDPR rules for all countries.


Data Processing Agreement (“The Agreement”) between:

Your company (“The customer”); and Digital-servicebook.com, Vordingborgvej 79,DK- 4700 Næstved DK-36726350 (“The supplier”)

A.1 The Data Processing Agreement has been entered between the parties, effective from May 2018, concerning the supplier’s delivery of services and benefits to the customer. The agreement is an addition to ”General terms and conditions” from  Digital-servicebook.com and ”the conditions in the general Terms and Conditions from Digital-servicebook.com” are valid to the extent that the question isn’t covered by this agreement.

A.2 The supplier is a data processor for the customer, based on the in Appendix 1 described data processing tasks.

A.3 Personal information, which is processed by the supplier, is covered by the purposes for processing, the categories of personal data and the categories of registered individuals that are described in Appendix 1.

A.4 “Personal information” is understood as every kind of information about an identified or an identifiable, physical person, cf. Article 4 (1) in the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 from April 27., 2016 (“Personal Data Act”).


B.1 The supplier solely processes personal information for the purpose of performing the in Appendix 1 described data processing tasks. The supplier cannot use or process the personal information for other purposes than described unless the supplier is required to by EU Law. If so, the supplier must notify the customer in writing about his legal obligation, before the processing is initiated unless the relevant legislation based on important community interests prohibits such a notification.

B.2 If the customer in the instructions in Appendix 1 or the customer specifically has given permission to the transfer of their personal information to a third party country or to international organizations, it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that there is a legal basis for transfer e.g. the EU Commission’s standard contract for transfer of personal information to third party countries.

B.3 If the supplier estimates that an instruction from the customer is in contrary to the Personal Data Act or the Data Protection rules in other EU law or the legislation in a Member State, the supplier must immediately in writing inform the customer about this.


C.1 The supplier must ensure that the persons, who process personal information, have committed to confidentiality or are subject to an appropriate statutory duty of confidentiality.

C.2 The supplier must take the necessary organisational and technical security measures against the personal information being processed contrary to the law including the Personal Data Act.

C.3 The supplier must comply with the specific demands for security measures which are valid for the customer, according to Appendix 1 and comply with the demands for security measures, which directly oblige the supplier, including the demands for security measures in the country, where the supplier is established or in the country, where the data processing takes place.

C.4 Determination of technical and organisational security measures must take place, taking into account the actual technical level, the nature of the processing and the purpose including the risks of varying probabilities and seriousness for physical persons’ rights and freedoms.

C.5 The supplier must on customer demand give the necessary information, allowing the customer to ensure that the supplier complies with his obligations according to the Agreement including being able to ensure that the necessary technical and organisational security measures are taken.

C.6 The customer has the right, at their own expense, to appoint an independent expert to investigate, if the supplier complies with his obligations according to the Agreement and to ensure that all necessary technical and organizational security measures have been established. The expert must at supplier’s request sign a normal confidentiality statement. The customer’s right to carry out an investigation at the supplier is limited to no more than one investigation per calendar year.

C.7 The supplier must deliver all requested information to the authorities, the customer’s external advisors including accountants in relation to the performance of the data processing task, to the extent that the information is necessary for them to carry out their task pursuant to EU-law or other legislation.

C.8 The supplier must assist the customer in the handling of any request from “a registered” according to Chapter III in the Personal Data Act, including requests for insight, correction, blocking or deletion. The supplier must furthermore implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to assist the customer with the fulfilment of the customer’s obligations to answer such requests.


D.1 The supplier can make use of subcontractors. The supplier must, before he uses a subcontractor, enter into a written agreement with the subcontractor, where the subcontractor as a minimum is subject to the same obligations as the supplier has been subject to according to the Agreement and including the duty to carry out appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that the processing fulfils the requirements in the Personal Data Act.

D.2 The customer has the right to obtain a copy of the supplier’s agreement with the subcontractor as regards to the provisions in the mentioned agreement that relates to the data protection obligations. The fact that the customer has notified consent to the supplier’s conclusion of an agreement with a subcontractor is without prejudice to the supplier’s duty to fulfil the Agreement.


E.1 The supplier must keep the personal information confidential.

E.2 The supplier cannot communicate personal information to anyone or take a copy of personal information unless this as absolutely necessary to carry out the supplier’s obligations towards the customer according to the Agreement and it is provided that the individual, who obtains the personal information is aware that the information is confidential and has agreed to keep the personal information confidential according to the Agreement.

E.3 The supplier can limit the access to personal information to the associates for whom it is necessary to have access to the personal information in order to be able to fulfil the supplier’s obligations towards the customer.

E.4 The supplier’s obligations according to point E consist without a time limit and no matter if the Parties’ cooperation has ended.

E.5 The customer must handle the confidential information that he receives from the supplier confidential and cannot exploit or disclose the information.


F.1 The parties can at any time agree to change/hand over the Agreement. The changes must take place in writing.


G.1 The agreement enters into force by signature and is valid until the Data Processing Agreement is terminated or cancelled by one of the Parties.

G.2 Regardless of the Agreement’s formal contract period, the Agreement continues to apply, as long at the supplier processes the personal information that the customer is a data controller of.

G.3 In case of a termination of the Agreement, the supplier must loyally and quickly  contribute to a transfer of the data processing to another supplier or to return the personal information to the customer.

G.4 The supplier must immediately after a request from the customer transfer or delete personal information that the supplier processes for the customer, unless EU-law or the legislation prescribes storage of the personal information.


This Appendix is an instruction to the supplier in connection with the supplier’s data processing for the customer.

The processing of personal information at Digital-Servicebook.com is described in the following.

Please notice that the supplier only processes the categories of personal information, where “Processing” is marked with a ”Yes”

Purpose and the nature of data processing The purpose of processing personal information is that a workshop’s service records for a registered car can be made available on the Internet for the workshop, which the registered has chosen. The service records are updated by the chosen workshop.
Categories of registered Mainly car owners, who have signed up at Digital-Servicebook.com Other persons who sign up at Digital-Servicebook.com
Category of personal information Processing
Special categories of personal information (cf. Article 9) Racial or ethnic origin, Political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, Trade union relationships, Genetic information, Biometric information for the purpose of uniquely identifying an individual, Information concerning health sexlife or sexual orientation No
Information on criminal matters (cf. Article 10) Includes personal information concerning criminal convictions and offences or associated security measures No
Confidential information The registered person’s personal identification number No
Confidential information The registered person’s password for Digital-Servicebook.com Yes, but only in an encrypted version in the access system
General personal information The registered person's E-mail
The registered person's Mobile number
The registered car - Plate Number & VIN
Service records related to the registered car:
Registrations in the service records: Only the pre-defined options at Digital-Servicebook.com can be used: Oil change, tire change and similar. No other possibilities for registration in the system – as e.g. free text.

Assistance to the data controller (the customer) cf. Chapter III in the Personal Data Act concerning:

  • The obligation to inform about collection of personal information from the registered persons
  • The obligation to inform, if personal information has not been collected from the registered person
  • The registered person’s right to access
  • The right to correction
  • The right to deletion (»the right to be forgotten «)
  • The right to limitation of processing
  • Notification obligation in connection with correction or deletion of personal information or limitation of processing
  • The right to data portability
  • The right to object
  • The right to object to the result of automated, individual decision-making including profiling (Please notice: Digital-Servicebook.com does not use automated decision-making and profiling)

Obligations towards the data controller (the customer) regarding security measures cf. Article 32-36 in the Personal Data Act concerning:

  • Implementation of appropriate technical and organisational measures in order to ensure the level of security which is in line with the risks of processing.
  • Notification of any breach of the personal data security to the controlling authority (Datatilsynet) without any unnecessary delay and if possible no later than 72 hours after the fact that the data controller has become familiar with the breach unless it is unlikely that the breach of the personal data security involves a risk of a physical person’s rights or freedom.
  • Without any unnecessary delay – to inform the registered person(s) about the breach on the personal data security, when such a breach is likely to involve a high risk of physical persons’ rights and freedom.
  • Implementation of an impact assessment concerning data protection if a type of processing most likely will include a high risk of affecting physical persons’ rights and freedom
  • Consultation with the controlling authority (Datatilsynet) before processing, if an impact assessment concerning data protection shows that the processing will lead to a high risk in lack of precautions made by the data controller in order to limit the risk.


-Our GDPR agreement (Data Processing Agreement) in English can be downloaded HERE

-Our GDPR agreement (Databehandleraftale) in Danish can be downloaded HERE