Terms & Conditions for Car owners


The following terms and conditions are applicable on Digital-servicebook.com.  By accepting the present conditions you, as a user, consent to the fact that the conditions in force at that time are valid and regulate the relationship between you and Digital Service Book in any context and the use of the benefits from Digital Service Book.

Digital Service Book is a free reference work, where you can check outstanding debt, see mileage information, vehicle inspection data etc. and as registered user at Digital Service Book, you are able to upload photos of your vehicle, upload photos of the paper service records and choose workshop* and thereby receive timely information on service tasks etc.

*If your preferred workshop uses the Digital Service Book, you will receive information on upcoming service tasks directly at your mobile/mail., while at the same time your workshop will also be able to send invoice digitally. Upon request from your workshop, Digital Service Book can retrieve data from previously performed service, so everything is collected in the digital service book.

The Digital Service Book is free to use for all vehicle owners and you can add up to five cars to your user profile.

All vehicles with a valid number plate can use and be added to the Digital Service Book


User Account

To be able to use the services from the Digital Service Book, we require that the personal information on each user is updated and correct.

It is the user’s full responsibility to keep the information correct and updated.

All information about users, which is in possession of the Digital Service Book will and must comply with the privacy policy from the Digital Service Book. This policy will include information about, how users can obtain access to information or can delete information that the Digital Service Book is possessing. It is the user’s responsibility to protect the password, which is issued against abuse. If a user finds out that the password has been revealed, it is the user’s responsibility to change it without prior warning.


Statement of Privacy

Protection of your personal information is important, when you use the Digital Service Book. Please notice the following:

Anonymous data collection

You can visit Digital Service Book’s webpages and use them as reference work without leaving your personal information. We only register your Internet provider (your IP address) the pages or website, the date, time and the pages you visit, when you visit Digital Service Book’s webpages. This information is analyzed for statistical purposes, but as an individual you remain anonymous.

Collection, use and communication of personal data

As registered user at digital-servicebook.com, we need your personal data. Details as your name, phone number, mail etc. are collected, when you enter the data during your registration in the Digital Service Book. Digital Service Book uses your personal data for providing services and information about your vehicle and coming car services together with special offers and other important information. Data are handed over to the workshop, which you have chosen through the registration process for use in the call for coming car services, but data are never handed over to third party outside the Digital Service Book.


Digital Service Book uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file, which is stored at your hard disk. This text file is created by the web server, where you have built a link through your web browser and is afterwards sent to you. You will be recognized by this cookie, when revisiting the website or the specific page, which means that you don’t have to re-enter data, which you have already specified. Most browsers are set up to approve cookies automatically, but you can at any time choose to set up your browser to reject cookies and show the cookie to you before approval. You can also delete cookies from your computer.

Right of opposition

You can at any time protest against the use of your personal data. Send your opposition to info@digitalservicebog.dk and we will block the access to your data. Furthermore, in certain circumstances you have the right to get your registered data amended, blocked or deleted. You have at any time the right to know, which data Digital Service Book has registered about your and the purpose of the registration.

At digital-servicebook.com you can, at your user profile, delete the vehicles that you have registered and hereby the workshop will not have access to the information about the user of the vehicle. This means however that you will not receive any notifications, service information etc. concerning this vehicle. Data about car service and the service records will however stay registered at Digital-servicebook.com, as this kind of information may serve as documentation in case of a warranty claim etc.



Workshops and dealers, who are using Digital-servicebook.com, can provide further information and general support around the use of the Digital Service Book. For further support please contact us at info@digitalservicebog.dk



The following will cause a warning followed by suspension:

  • Copyright infringement: Direct infringement of the copyright, which is defined in
    ”Notice of Copyright Law”
  • Threats and harassment: The services from the Digital Service Book may never be used for threats or harassment of individuals, organizations or companies.
  • Violently offensive content: Content which is considered very offensive or extreme will result in a warning.
  • Illegal use: Any use of services in direct attempts to perform illegal activities, will be considered as abuse



Any deliberate abuse of the Digital Service Book’s services, homepage or systems will cause immediate termination, exclusion and in extreme causes complaint to the police.

The Digital Service Book does not distinguish between abuse and attempt of abuse.

Abuse included the following (but is not limited to):

  • Hacking of the Digital Service Book’s or Digital Service Book’s customers’ homepage, systems or services.
  • Exploitation of errors or any security vulnerability
  • Conscious and deliberate overuse or overload of the Digital Service Book, customers’ services, webpages or systems.
  • Inexpedient overload of the Digital Service Book’s support services
  • Exploitation of the Digital Service Book’s conditions, policies or similar for personal gain.
  • Use/abuse of the Digital Service Book’s services for illegal activities
  • In case of abuse, Digital Service Book will determine if the case was deliberate or not.



Suspension may occur, when the following conditions are met:

  • Setting up of a vehicle without user/ownership (you will receive a notice of abuse)
  • Setting up and upload of a wrong photo of the vehicle and service records
  • Abuse of the Digital Service Book.
  • Digital Service Book reserves the right to suspend or to repeal services, which contain material that might damage Digital Service Book, Digital Service Book’s reputation or Digital Service Book’s business.



Any use of any service that Digital Service Book offers, is at the user’s own risk and responsibility. Digital Service Book assumes no responsibility for content and/or data transmitted to and from the users’ services via the Internet including nor accuracy, legitimacy, completeness etc. Digital Service Book is thereby not responsible for any loses, direct or indirect violations or other conditions, which may occur as a consequence of the use of information transmitted via the Internet through the services from the Digital Service Book

The Digital Service Book renounces any responsibility and loss that a user may suffer in connection with the use of the Digital Service Book.

Digital Service Book is not responsible for unauthorized access to user data or systems – or damage or loss of data in this connection.
Digital Service Book renounces furthermore any responsibility for direct or indirect loss of data, damage on data and recovery of data no matter what the cause may be.

Digital Service Book cannot be held liable in damage. In case Digital Service Book anyway is attempted to be held liable, Digital Service Book’s responsibility will be limited to the user’s entire costs regarding the services, which Digital Service Book makes available.

Every disclaimer in these conditions is at any time and in all respects valid unless Digital Service Book has acted with gross negligence or intentionally has acted to damage the user.
Digital Service Book undertakes and accepts no responsibility for losses or damages, which may occur in connection with abuse of passwords.

Digital Service Book will not guarantee that Digital-servicebook.com is accessible and run smoothly at any time. This is especially valid if the access to Digital Service Book is influenced by problems, which are out of the Digital Service Book’s control. Digital Service Book will however do our utmost to immediately solve the access problems to the content that it will be technically and operational possible.



The Digital Service Book reserves the right to change the conditions without prior warning.
Changes, which may have influence on personal data, will be communicated to the users and will need approval, when the user logs into the system again.

Digital Service Book reserves the right to exclude persons, who Digital Service Book considers as unpleasant, unfriendly or threatening. In extreme cases, Digital Service Book will cancel the person’s active services and exclude the person from future services from the Digital Service Book.

Subject to writing, spelling and typing errors. Digital Service Book reserves the right to change any errors in the conditions without prior notification.