Om Digital Servicebook

Why Digital Servicebook is the most important tool in auto industry

Scandinavia has a proud tradition of skilled mechanics and garages. We must make sure to safeguard them. But there’s a battle for customers, and the car manufacturers are trying their best to keep the car owners in a closed OE garage-loop.

That’s why Digital Servicebook sets the customers free. We give them full access to all data about their car, servicing, repairs etc., so they are free to use which ever garage they prefer, while still maintaining their factory warranty. We give the garages access to the same data, and ensure easy integration with garage management systems, so you can save valuable time each workday, quickly check campaigns and auctions, and always stay on top of things – while attracting and retaining customers with super service, automated text messages, and service recalls.

Med Digital Servicebook får du en gyldig servicebog for alle mærker

Fighting for the free, authorised garages

We started our work on Digital Servicebook in 2015. We did this to help the independent garages in Denmark stand stronger in the face of the digital war that had already begun. Among many other things, the rising digitalisation meant that car manufacturers sealed all their data systems and did their best to keep the customers to themselves – by preventing them from choosing a garage of their own choice.

As a garage today, data and history about a car is an extremely important part in helping your customers meet factory warranties and to always drive a good and secure car. Data this essential must of course be open and accessible to everyone! Both car owners, manufacturers, and the independent garages.

Digital Servicebook has grown from a good idea to a recognised brand. There’s a lot of work behind the product we have today, but the core remains the same – we’re fighting for the free, authorised garages and for the customers’ rights to their own car data.

You can read more about us in our news section, where you can find interviews, articles, and testimonials from some of the many satisfied garages using Digital Servicebook.